Finance & Accounting
  • Finance Controllership
  • Business Process Management
  • Business Function Support
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Payroll and Taxation Services
What do we do?
We Help You Overcome Challenges And Difficulties You Face In Business:
Businesses face significant challenges in their attempts to establish operations and then remain compliant. Companies are faced with the difficult task of bringing together a team of experts and coordinating their services, making it a tedious and expensive process while not guaranteeing the elimination of compliance risks.
We Work As Your Back Office Team:
If you are setting up operations in India, we can provide a back office for accounting, payroll, financial reporting, tax and other regulatory compliances. We can help reduce cost and improve efficiency by becoming the finance and accounting (F&A) team for small to large Indian companies as well as overseas companies.
We Provide All The Support You Need and Help You Focus and Grow Your Business:
We can become your Chief Financial Officer and your in-house accounting team while you focus on your business. As your business grows and complications increase, you can retain us to support you. While you may hire your own financial controller, we would continue to handle all processes. In this way, we can support your business right from the start through the growth phase, for as long as you require.
We Help You Set Up Your Own Finance & Accounting (F&A) Team:
We could also help you set up your own F&A team by helping you hire the right people and designing the necessary systems for you. If you are an overseas business but want to manage your accounting and tax activities from India, we can assist you with that.
We Facilitate The Smooth Running Of Your Business With Improved Efficiency:
Our single point of contact will help simplify managing your company's support functions by coordinating with the relevant teams at MTBC. We aim to facilitate the smooth running of your business with improved efficiency by performing these routine functions for you in a cost-effective manner.