• Prepare a Taxation Framework
  • Prepare a Taxation Manual
  • Offer Advice
  • Manage Compliance
  • Mitigate Risk and Litigation Support
  • Indirect Taxation
  • Transfer Pricing
What do we do?
We Help You Decode Complex World of Taxation and Mitigate Tax Risk:
Regulatory environment can make the task of establishing and managing operations in the country a complex one. Constant changes in tax laws only add to the challenges. As businesses grow, tax risks increase along with a growing need for greater accountability and transparency. In such an environment, tax risk management is essential to maximise cash flows and proactively reduce risk while meeting compliance deadlines.
We Help You Stay Updated and Tax Compliant:
We can collaborate with you in various ways right from identifying and assessing tax risks to designing controls, monitoring and evaluation. We provide advisory and compliance support for direct taxation, transfer pricing and indirect taxation matters.
We Can Work As Your Taxation Team:
We can be your Tax Advisers and provide solutions for specific issues. We can look after your compliance needs so you don't have to worry about meeting the innumerable compliance deadlines. We can be your Tax Risk Manager/Chief Taxation Officer, akin to your Tax Director, and proactively look at the needs of your business. We take overall responsibility for reducing tax risk and thereby improving cash flows. We help you remain compliant and make sure that requirements are met in time. In effect, we would be your tax department on a co-sourced basis.
We Provide Complete Tax Solutions And We Help Free Up Management's Precious Time:
Our complete tax solutions can benefit you as we have specialists who can provide a variety of services in a holistic manner and you don't need to recruit your own team and worry about training or attrition. We proactively manage your tax risk in coordination with you and we help free up management's precious time.