Payroll Management
Payroll processing, while a fairly mundane operation, requires to be conducted efficiently within the stipulated time frame. Often, companies find it difficult to recruit and retain suitable personnel. Our services include:
  • Processing salaries
  • Generating pay slips and reports
  • Calculating tax deductions
  • Handling other compliance matters
  • Organising payments to employees through direct bank transfers
  • Compiling year-end tax reports
What are the main features of Payroll Management?
Cloud Based Payroll Processing Platform:
We process payroll using Cloud Based Platforms which ensures accuracy, data safety, faster processing and ready access to the key reports from anywhere.
Dashboard Access to Management:
We provide specially designed dashboard to the management where graphical representation of past and current data trends can be analysed for Salary Payment, Employee Turnover etc.
Easy Payroll Management:
We manage payroll through a dedicated resource who co-ordinates with HR team or collect data on its own seamlessly and without much intervention in their core functioning.
Employee Administration:
We help client in Employee Administration e.g. maintaining record of their personal and academic details.
Leave Management:
We help client in managing the leave application, approval and recording the same for payroll purpose.
Attendance Management:
We help client in keeping record of employee attendance and integrate the same with payroll processing software for seamless updation of loss of pay etc.
Employee Self Service:
We provide limited login to the employees of the company so that they can themselves login and update their personal, academic details download pay slips and salary statements etc.