What do we do?
We Help You in Finding a Right Candidate:
Finding a candidate is easy but finding a right candidate is difficult, we make it easy for you by:
  • Requirement Analysis: Before we assign the work to our head hunting teams we first understand your exact requirement and purpose of the recruitment and your parameters for selecting a right candidate.
  • Job Description (JD) Analysis: After we assign the work to the head hunting teams a thorough JD analysis is done to source the right profiles for short listing.
  • Sourcing and Screening Candidate Profiles: After requirement and JD analysis we source only those candidates whose profiles match the JD and fulfill your parameters for selecting a right candidate.
  • Short Listing Candidates with Real Interest: Out of all the profiles sourced after screening we contact each candidate and short list really interested candidates after proper evaluation.
We Work as a Member of Your HR Team or Help Reduce Work of HR Team:
We not only provide you good candidate profiles but also ensure the interview and selection process is smooth and less time consuming for you by:
  • Coordination for Interview: To make the recruitment process seamless we coordinate with you and the candidate and fix the time for telephonic or personal interviews for various rounds.
  • Coordinating for Recruitment: Once the interview process in over we coordinate with you and the candidate for issue of offer letter and acceptance of the same by the candidate and ensure that candidate joins on time.
We Help You Mitigate Risk Related to Recruitment:
We not only provide seamless support during the recruitment process but we make sure that company does not suffer additional cost in case the recruitment did not work out by:
  • Candidate Replacement: If the candidate leaves the organisation within 90 days of joining then we replace this candidate with a new candidate.
  • Saving Additional Cost: The replacement does not involve any additional cost as we replace the candidate free of cost.
  • Saving Your Time: Since all the data and the requirement gets saved with us in your account you need not provide all the information and you step-in only after we short list the candidates.
We Help You Save Time in Future Recruitment:
Based on the details and JD provided by you we create a role in your account for each type of hiring so that next time when you have to recruit a resource for the same type of vacancy again then you need not provide any information to us except the information which need to be updated in addition to the information provided earlier.